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Mar 17 2008

Get your Spawn on

Published by Nate at 11:34 pm under CodeMonkey, Technology

Ribbit Spawn

I was lucky enough to attend the Ribbit Spawn developer event that was held yesterday in Sunnyvale.  Thanks to Ellen and Greg from Ribbit on hooking that up.

Overall a second great tech event in the same week.

For those not familiar, Ribbit is a new company.., well sort of.., that has just come out of stealth mode and released a VOIP platform that makes developing voice enabled web apps a snap.

They have built and run a carrier grade softswitch (approved/verified by Lucent) that runs on OpSource’s infrastructure.  There mission is to take all the nuts and bolts out of building/designing voice apps and make it dead simple via their flash libraries.

They are still in the early phases.., but their stuff is VERY impressive.  They have a very simple API that provides a lot of functionality already.

They break the API out into 5 main components:

User/Account:  These methods are used to handle all user based things such as authentication and user stats

Call: The call object and events allow you to place/recieve calls.  They have some nice event handling that is fired off which makes things simple to implement and update the user experience based on incoming calls.

Contact: They have support for an address book.  The contact object and methods allow you to gain access to and add new contacts to a users profile.

Messaging: The messign object and methods are very cool.  The represent all voice messages and user receives.  They also support recording messages you can leave in the form of notes to yourself, or drop directly to others.  They refer to these as “Shouts”.

They have fantastic revenue sharing.., numbers are not finalized yet but they say it will be in the realm of 70/30 split.., with the 70% going to the developers.  A member of the audience said.. “so we get the 30 right”.., Crick Waters.., one of the co-founders who was presenting during the biz section replied with something lik…” NO.., you get the 70.., there is no fun if you just get the 30.”

They have 2 main sides to their model so far.  The consumer side.., currently called Amphibian.., and the partner/enterprise side of things.  Amphibian will be opened to the public sometime next qtr.  They have their first enterprise app in beta now.., it is an integration with Salesforce (”I was saying boo-urns”).

Amphibian is a pretty slick app and I cannot wait to try it out…, currently on the beta wait list.  Very slick visual vmail app where you can tie your Ribbit account to your cell phone.  One hooked up.., any in coming cell phone call will forward to other touchpoints if not answered by your cell.  They will allow routing to the major IM clients (Live,Yahoo!, AIM, Skype, GTalk), as well as SIP enabled devices.

There will be the Ribbit Store where consumers can add/purchace third party add-ons.  This will be great once they beef up their consumer and developer base…, I forsee some really cool stuff coming here.  I had to leave before the coding and demo sessions but there were probably some cool mashups that were created during that period.

I have no professional experience in the telecom space but with the experienced telecom vets running the show over there, the great API, and what appears to be extremely 3rd party friends biz terms (70/30 split in favor of developer, and 5/8 cents per minute calling to land lines).., I think these guys have a good chance of doin something great.  Just have to get that critical mass with Amphibian.., I dont think they will have too much trouble gaining developer traction.

Some pics below from the event.., taken with the cell phone so not the greatest quality:

Spawn Sign

Spawn Badge

Ribbit Banner

$5 for the first person to tell me where the “I was saying boo-urns” quote is from.

Cant wait to get my first Flex.., and Ribbit app going.

2 Responses to “Get your Spawn on”

  1. Ellen Petry Leanseon 18 Mar 2008 at 8:29 am

    Nate, it was great to have you there; thanks for sharing the love with this post.

    Anyone interested can see more pics of the Spawn on Flickr. Tags = ribbit developer spawn spawnison ribbitspawn

    People who sign on as devs ( will be notified of future events. Based on how well Sunday went, we want to do more–soon–and also take the show on the road.

    Spawn on! best (and thanks again)…Ellen & the team at Ribbit

  2. […] part of the Spawn is what “Spawners” did once they got home. Thanks to Nate D’Amico for his great post. And to Todd Geist for the awesome work he did building and showcasing this app in this video. […]

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